Top 52 Most Wanted List

Google Employees Most Wanted

Welcome to the Google Employees Most Wanted List featuring the top 52 Google employees we have identified in our initial research on Google censorship and those responsible. We have organized the most wanted list into a deck of cards organized by suits based on different criteria.

We will begin this section by explaining the criteria for each suit followed by a list of the names assigned to each suit. Then we will begin writing posts about each one. As posts are added we will add links to this page.


Spades consist of Google CEO Sundar Pichai and those that report directly to him. They are the main policy makers of the Google high command when it comes to day to day operations.


Diamonds consist primarily of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors are technically the highest ranking members of the Google organization, but they don’t have a lot of say in day to day operations so they do not place as high on the Most Wanted list as the CEO and his right hand people. The Board has the authority to fire the CEO, but beyond keeping him in check they don’t do much. Google’s Board like a lot of corporate boards consist primarily of people that no longer need to work and would be retired if not offered cushy seats on the board.

The rest of the diamonds consist of spill over from other suits or people that have a public profile but don’t belong to any other group.


Hearts consist of people working in the search department or related departments. The list was generated based on a combination of media and social media research.


Clubs consist primarily of people in the legal or trust and safety departments. Usually when someone finds themselves censored by Google it is done in the name of trust and safety.

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  • IraqVet

    I had a deck like this in Iraq. Worked good, we got most of ’em

  • FreePatriot

    These people hold the keys to controlling public opinion in America. They need to be held accountable for abusing their position.

  • voicelessfuture

    if we don’t put a stop to this the internet will end up like it was in the early 90s but without the freedom for people to build their own sites. by that i mean that the only people that can talk will be the ones that tow the line.

  • Bastards


  • NoSpeechAllowed

    This site is right about all of them. I’ve been a user of sites targeted by Google in recent months where I’ve told nothing but the truth. Doesn’t matter to them. Every time I Google mentions of my work most of it is gone or ranked way down even though there is hardly anything else about the subject anywhere online. I’ve thought about just creating my own site dedicated to what I write about but I don’t know how.

  • LOL

    Good job getting their info.

  • FightBack

    Good to see someone finally fighting back

  • FGoog

    Google is one of the biggest peddlers of fake news and liberal lies there is. They need to be stopped.

  • IsolationistPatriot

    These are the foreigners that will run America someday.

  • NotThatBad

    I’m all for free speech, but this is pushing it a bit.

  • Cheats

    LOL! Should have landed on cheat codes but found these cheats instead.

  • Socky

    Kinda’ shocked that Susan wasn’t the joker.

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