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Nick Fox: Google VP in Assistant and Search

Nicholas Charles Fox is a vice president at Google in the Search and Assistant departments. He has been with Google since 2003 and was considered one of their youngest and fastest growing people for quite some time. In this article we will summarize his career and disclose what we’ve found about him.

Career Summary

Fox joined Google in 2003 after working as a business analyst for McKinsey and Company for two years after graduating from Harvard University in 2001. Over the years Fox has worked in a variety of departments including Google Voice, Hangouts, Messenger, Project Fi, AdWords, Duo, and Allo.

Fox has been in his current position as product manager for Google Assistant and search as far back as 2018. Last year he wrote a lengthy blog post in which he admitted that to make “information useful, it’s critical that we organize it in a way that helps people quickly find what they’re looking for.” That might come as a shock to those that have been paying attention because Google has gone to great lengths in recent years to stop users from finding what they’re looking for if they think helping those users will lead to complaints from the people they’re looking for. Fox falsely claims that “Google indexes all types of information” when the truth is that Google doesn’t index all types of information anymore. In fact, Google has a published list of information they will not index such as nude images disclosed without consent of those depicted in them, fake pornography, financial information, personal information such as home addresses or phone numbers, pictures of minors even when they are not pornographic, and content on sites nice enough to let people remove content for a fee. That last category makes sites refuse to remove anything at all because they know that advertising an option to remove stuff for a fee puts their search traffic at risk, so they either have to stop allowing removals because providing removal services is not worth their time or they have to offer them via back channels which requires them to charge more to make up for having to spend more time addressing the matter. Most of Fox’s post focused on improvements to the search experience like rich snippets, more images, videos, etc. However he also made it look as if Google goes to great lengths to match search results with the intent of the searcher without bothering to mention that if the searcher is looking for certain things they go to greater lengths to make sure they can’t find them and instead tell them what they think they should be looking for.

Personal Information

We have found a variety of personal information associated with Fox online. They include an address, phone number, email addresses, and social media accounts linked to the 42 year old.

Where He Lives

Public records list Fox’s current address as 2445 Filbert Street, San Francisco, California 94123-3315.

Contact Information

Our background check service has linked Fox to the phone number 650-274-9098 with a confidence score of 5/5. Signal Hire has lined him to the email addresses [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], and others.

Social Media

Fox is quite active on social media with accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. His YouTube channel includes a variety of videos featuring himself and immediate family members. Normally we don’t include family members of people we write about on here, but in Fox’s case we were unable to locate any videos on his channel that don’t also feature a family member, so enjoy his wedding highlights below.


Nicholas Fox is clear part of the Google problem responsible for putting out misleading propaganda.


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