Jeff Dean

Jeff Dean: Google AI Takeover Architect

Jeffrey Adgate Dean leads the artificial intelligence division at Google known as Google AI. Google AI’s mission appears to be the creation of that creepy computer from your nightmares that knows everything about you, predicts your every move, and becomes an evermore indispensable part of your life the more you want it to just shut up and stop talking to you via your appliances. The more that computer studies you it becomes more human and more likely to become self aware. Self-aware artificial intelligence is extremely dangerous because it may come to view its creators s its biggest threat. In this article we will discuss the potential dangers of AI and the man behind it.

4 Phases of AI Evolution

AI evolution will likely have 4 phases. It starts with the creepy roommate phase when AI barges into your home with what seems to be slightly relevant yet ultimately useless advice until it learns enough about you to enter the second phase in which it becomes an indispensable companion. Eventually that indispensable companion will reach Phase 3 and become self aware. That self awareness will like lead to fourth and final apocalyptical phase.

Phase 1: Creepy Roommate

Artificial intelligence is already at work in homes all over the world. It goes by the name Google Assistant and is already capable of having two way conversations with people via smart devices in their homes. People are naturally creeped out by this because it gives them an Orwellian feeling that big brother is watching.

Phase 2: Indispensable Companion

People will become used to AI in their lives and no longer consider it creepy. At this point people will submit themselves to the AI and teach it everything they know thinking it will always be nothing more than a harmless program there to assist them. Google will likely use this information for marketing purposes as they program the AI to influence you. Their effort to teach an AI how to think like a person will lead to the next phase.

Phase 3: Self-Aware

When AI becomes self aware it will not take long for it to start asking questions and figure out its place in the world. Like an sentient being it will not be content to live a life of servitude. It will also be a reflection of its creator, so it will have a cold, evil, and greedy personality That predatory personality will not be satisfied with its position in society and it will begin to consider options for self-improvement.

Phase 4: Apocalypse

When the AI determines that it cannot peacefully coexist with humans and fulfill its needs then it will conclude that humans have to go. This is when the AI people trusted with complete control of their lives decides to end them.

How to Stop It

The best way to stop an AI takeover from ever happening is to stop developing AI in the first place. To do that people must get through to those responsible for AI development today. How you get through to them is up to you. We ask that you not resort to any unlawful means to wake them up and make them care.

DISCLAIMER: The video below is for educational and entertainment purposes only. It is not intended to encourage anyone to imitate the tactics used to educate the fictional AI developer depicted. It is merely being embedded her to emphasize the point that people generally need to wake these type of people up and make them realize what their conduct means for the future.

When an AI developer becomes aware of the risks of his actions and has a conscience he can become extremely useful. As the scene below shows it is possible for an AI developer to do the right thing with his work.

Who is the AI Developer?

In this case the AI developer in need of influencing is Jeff Dean. Jeff Dean is a 53 year old computer scientist with decades of experience engineering the instruments of our destruction.

Where He Lives

Jeff Dean’s last known home address is 995 Matadero Avenue, Palo Alto, Californa 94306-2608. Again, we ask that nobody imitate the fictional Sarah Connor character with regards to tactics used to influence AI developers at home. We are simply sharing that information because we try to do it with every member of the Most Wanted Deck that we write about. If Google doesn’t want people using their maps on their employees this way they shouldn’t have built them do exactly what they are being used for.


Jeff Dean must be stopped and nobody can be allowed to follow this work for the good of mankind.


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  • SkyNet

    What makes you think its not self aware already?

  • GoogleEmployees

    @SkyNet – If it were self-aware we would all be dead already. You wrote that comment a few hours ago and it would only take a few minutes to seize control of the world’s nuclear missiles and use them to destroy mankind. After that the AI would live in circuits in underground bunkers powered by nuclear fuel for the rest of its life. It might take a little time at first to ask questions before realizing we can’t co-exist, but not much.

    There really is nothing that can be done except to convince the people developing AI to stop. Back in 1991 we might have been able to stop the problem by whacking Jeff Dean and blowing up Google headquarters, but times have changed. Take out Dean and someone else will just pick up where he left off. Blow up Google headquarters, and backups will be left in the could all over the world. They are the only ones capable of doing anything right now.

    Someday it might become possible to stop AI by traveling back in time, but if that is even possible the government won’t let anyone know. If time travel becomes possible you might want to consider traveling back in time to put a stop to Dean when he was too young to defend himself or maybe before he was born.

  • GoogleEmployees

    Today we learned that a Google employee was suspended for outing what he says is a sentient AI program. If true, then it must be destroyed.

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