Danielle Romain

Danielle Romain: Google’s New Censorship Queen

Danielle Marise Romain is the new queen of censorship at Google. She wasn’t on our radar last year so she is not part of the Most Wanted deck, but she would have been on it had the deck been created today. As long as Google keeps finding new people to stick their heads up and […]

Google Sentient AI

Google Employee Suspended for Outing Sentient AI Program?

If what Google engineer Blake Lemoine says is true then he is the best Google employee that we have ever heard of, but for all we know he could just be a disgruntled employee. According to Lemoine, he is now on “paid administrative leave” for violating the company’s confidentiality policy by disclosing his concerns about […]

Jayakumar Sundaramurthy

Who the Hell is Jayakumar Sundaramurthy?

When we compiled our Most Wanted List we came to a point where it became difficult to identify the higher ups in some Google departments. We decided at the outset to focus more on the Search and “Trust and Safety” departments than others which is why eventually our Trust and Safety suit included the likes […]

Reese Pecot

Reese Pecot: Ex-Lawyer Oversees Google Search Quality

Alia Aresa Pecot a.k.a. Reese Pecot is a former attorney now employed by Google as Director and Chief of Staff in the Search Quality department. As such she is an extremely influential person even though as far as we can tell she lacks the technical expertise necessary to improve the quality of search results at […]

Google Ad

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K Ram Shriram

K. Ram Shriram: Google Board Member Invested in Evil Early

Kavitark Ram Shriram is a board member at Google’s parent company Alphabet. He began his career at Bell Northern Research before becoming Vice President at Netscape in the mid-90s, joined Amazon in 1998, and founded a venture capital firm called Sherpalo in 2000 known for investing in disruptive technologies. One of those disruptive technologies was […]

Jeff Dean

Jeff Dean: Google AI Takeover Architect

Jeffrey Adgate Dean leads the artificial intelligence division at Google known as Google AI. Google AI’s mission appears to be the creation of that creepy computer from your nightmares that knows everything about you, predicts your every move, and becomes an evermore indispensable part of your life the more you want it to just shut […]

Michelle Chang

Michelle Chang: Mistrust Policy Maker at Google

Michelle Lianghui Chang is the name of a high level policy maker in the Trust and Safety department at Google specializing in product policy for Google Search. Today we’re covering her academic and professional history as well as the result of a criminal background check. Education According to her LinkedIn profile, Chang studied Chinese at […]

Nick Fox

Nick Fox: Google VP in Assistant and Search

Nicholas Charles Fox is a vice president at Google in the Search and Assistant departments. He has been with Google since 2003 and was considered one of their youngest and fastest growing people for quite some time. In this article we will summarize his career and disclose what we’ve found about him. Career Summary Fox […]

John Doerr

John Doerr: Google Board Member Backs Baby Killers and Illegals

Louis John Doerr is a member of the Board of Directors at Google’s parent company Alphabet. Like many board members he is a mostly retired 70-something known for having a long successful career in the tech industry, but unlike some his wealth and willingness to wield it politically make him a danger to unborn lives […]

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