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Comrade Sergey Brin: Google Co-Founder Indoctrinated by Communists

Comrade Sergey Mikhaylovich Brin is a Russian businessman best known for co-founding Google. We will begin this article by tracking his steps back to the Soviet Union to figure out how communism has influenced his career and the company he built before concluding with the results of a background check.

Early Years

Brin was born on August 21, 1973 in Moscow, Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). It is well known that communist indoctrination began at birth in the USSR.

Children in the Soviet Union held a special place in the hearts of citizens and the Party. They represented not only the innocence of youth, but also the promise of the socialist future; in order for the international Marxist Revolution to succeed, the youth had to be treated well and educated politically. Communist authorities took many routes to achieve this goal. Primarily, the Communist Party fostered a cult of childhood, much like Stalin’s cult of personality, which idealized Soviet childhood. The Communist Party formalized this cult through youth organizations such as the Komsomol, Young Pioneers, and Little Octobrists.

The Soviet Cult of Childhood

The Soviet Cult of Childhood was alive and well in 1973 with young people being forced into Boy Scouts like groups designed to make them perfect communists.

Soviet Youth Pioneers
Soviet Youth

We find it hard to believe that a boy born in Moscow during that time period to somewhat prominent parents (his father was a mathematician and his mother was a research scientist) would not suffer the full brunt of communist propaganda aimed at children. Being Jewish didn’t make him any less susceptible, but it did get his parents held back enough in their careers to defect to the west in 1979.

They went to Vienna and Paris at first until his father secured a job as a mathematics professor at the University of Maryland. Sometime after that his mother landed a job as a research scientist with NASA. That is the official story anyway, but we find it hard to believe that they just up and left suddenly. We think its more likely that they were targeted for recruitment by the U.S. government. The man credited with getting Brin’s father his job at Maryland was Anatole Katok. Katok won the Moscow Mathematics Society Annual Prize for Young Mathematicians in 1967 a year before receiving a Ph.D. from Moscow State University (see his CV). Katok was obviously one of the brightest young minds in the Soviet Union before suddenly leaving. Both of Brin’s parents also graduated from Moscow State University which was the top university in the USSR. Not just anyone could go to MSU during that time period let alone earn doctorates and land jobs as college professors or NASA scientists right after moving to America. They were the cream of the crop and our government obviously wanted them for something.

Does this mean that Brin is a Communist?

Not necessarily, Brin was still just an impressionable six year old when he came to America and his family clearly had reasons for hating the Soviet system. You might be wondering why the communists would bother indoctrinating children so young. They did it because they knew that those early years are the most impressionable years of anyone’s life. As says, “When it comes to child development, it’s been said that the most crucial milestones in a kid’s life occur by the age of 7.” That does not necessarily mean that a person whose spent the first seven years of their life as a communist will always be a communist, but it does mean that thought process will never be free of Marxist influence.

“Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man.”


Aristotle was clearly referring to the fact that by age seven everyone has developed certain psychological traits that will never change. It doesn’t mean that they cannot change at all, but it does mean that their seven year old self will always be a part of them. The same can be said of those just a few months away from their seventh birthday. If you spend the first six years of your life bombarded by Marxist propaganda it will influence you for the rest of your life.

Thank You Comrade Stalin
“Thank you, Comrade Stalin, for our Happy Childhood”

Communist teachings influence people like Brin to this day whether realize it or not. If they’re lucky they recognize communist thinking as the residual effect of brainwashing that it is and act accordingly, but all too often they end up doing Marxist things without even realizing it. However, Marxism run so rampant at Google today that nobody can’t realize it.

Marxism at Google

Marxism is traditionally defined as “a method of socioeconomic analysis that uses a materialist interpretation of historical development, better known as historical materialism, to understand class relations and social conflict as well as a dialectical perspective to view social transformation.” (see Wikipedia). What the hell does that mean? Marxism is typically defined using broad terms because it inspired several schools of thought that themselves have different definitions such as socialism, communism, and cultural Marxism. Those derivative ideologies are both the most common and most relevant to the issue at hand.

Traditional Socialism and Communism

Traditional socialism and communism are two terms usually used interchangeably due to their strikingly similar meanings. Socialism is typically defined as “any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods” (Merriam-Webster). Communism is typically defined as “a system in which goods are owned in common and are available to all as needed” (Merriam-Webster). What they share is an advocacy against private property and the forced redistribution of wealth or forced equality. Attempts to create socialist and communist societies often involve the theft of private property by the proletariat (working class) from the bourgeoisie (middle class) and upper classes. This economic class based form of forced equality is what most people think of when they hear the words socialism and communism, so that can make it difficult for them to recognize other manifestations of Marxism that seek to redistribute wealth on other grounds.

Cultural Marxism

Cultural Marxism is the latest form of Marxism on the rise today. Cultural Marxists advocate for forced equality on grounds that by themselves appear non-economic, but ultimately involves forced wealth redistribution. Grounds such as race, gender, religion, or anything else used to define historically marginalized groups like immigration status, sexual orientation, and national identity. Cultural Marxists believe that the American way of life is the result of corrupt laws created for Christian heterosexual white men by Christian heterosexual white men to oppress all other groups. As such they view American society and capitalism in general as a form of forced inequality that should be countered with forced equality.

Cultural Marxists have tried to discredit the term as a far-right anti-Semitic conspiracy theory. Labeling something anti-Semitic is a powerful smokescreen used by the far-left to keep people for seeing what is really going on. People are now hesitant to use the term “cultural Marxism” out of fear that they will be labeled anti-Semitic, racist, or something else ending with “ist” and have to find other ways to oppose losing what is rightfully theirs for the sake of making people equal. Unfortunately for Marxists of all kinds, equality defies human nature. While it is true that every human being is entitled to certain basic rights such as the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, it cannot be said that exercising those rights will result in people being equal. Someone will always be better than someone else at something and somethings are worth more than others. The end result is a society of haves and have nots. Creating an authoritarian state to force equality can only end in failure, but that of course will never stop have nots from trying because getting closer to equality is a step up for them.

Critical Race Theory

Perhaps the most obvious example of Cultural Marxism in society today is critical race theory (CRT). CRT advocates for the redistribution of wealth on the grounds that the wealth of the western world is nothing more than the ill-gotten gains of colonialism. CRT advocates for the forced redistribution of wealth from those of European ancestry to BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of color) communities. While we fully oppose discriminating against BIPOC folks (ex: not hiring someone because they are black) we don’t support discriminating against white people either (ex: not hiring someone because they are white and you don’t have enough BIPOC employees). Forced preferential treatment of marginalized groups such as Affirmative Action is the anti-thesis of non-discrimination because its actually more discrimination. CRT takes this further by supporting the idea that those of European ancestry somehow owe it to BIPOC communities to give them their wealth. This is usually presented as “reparations” (ex: reparations for slavery), but how would something like that work in practice? It would require an authoritarian state to take from some and give to others based on their race. Nobody living in America owned slaves, but according to CRT people that weren’t even alive back then somehow owe money to people that weren’t alive back then either just because they still are no equal.

If CRT were merely an academic theory that people are free to examine on their own it wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but it is increasingly being taught to school children as fact. The goal is clearly to raise the next generation to believe that their ancestors were evil and they need to support the redistribution of their inherited wealth or be labeled racist. It is the same type of Marxist indoctrination that Brin was subjected to in the USSR.

Cultural Marxism at Google

The teachings of Karl Marx are alive and well at Google today. Google CEO Sundar Pichai made that obvious when he fired James Damore in 2017. Damore had written a memo called “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber” in which he called out the company’s authoritarian approach to gender equality. Damore highlighted how left leaning bias such as the belief “that disparities are the result of injustices” have had a detrimental impact on the company.

Detrimental Impact on Google

Damore argued that liberals at Google have created an “ideological echo chamber where some ideas are too
sacred to be honestly discussed.” That this “lack of discussion fosters the most extreme and authoritarian elements of [their] ideology” with the extreme being that “all disparities in representation are due to oppression” and the authoritarian being “we should discriminate to correct for this oppression.” Those are of course, as Damore points out, Marxist ideals “that can irreparably harm Google.”

“Communism promised to be both morally and economically superior to capitalism, but every attempt became morally corrupt and an economic failure. As it became clear that the working class of the liberal democracies wasn’t going to overthrow their “capitalist oppressors,” the Marxist intellectuals transitioned from class warfare to gender and race politics. The core oppressor-oppressed dynamics remained, but now the oppressor is the ‘white, straight, cis-gendered patriarchy.'”

– James Damore

Damore went on to described gender differences at Google as a case of “the grass being greener on the other side … unfortunately, taxpayer and Google money is being spent to water only one side of the lawn.” That side of the lawn being women as our research on Jen Fitzpatrick made clear. Fitzpatrick persuaded her fellow Google executives to create a hiring policy requiring every job candidate to be interviewed by at least one woman. They thought that might reduced the gender gap in the tech industry, but it was really an example of what Damore called the “arbitrary social engineering of tech just to make it appealing to equal portions of both men and women.” Damore highlighted other examples of discriminatory practices at Google designed to equalize gender and race representation with the following bullet points:

Programs, mentoring, and classes only for people with a certain gender or race
● A high priority queue and special treatment for “diversity” candidates
● Hiring practices which can effectively lower the bar for “diversity” candidates by
decreasing the false negative rate

Reconsidering any set of people if it’s not “diverse” enough, but not showing that same
scrutiny in the reverse direction (clear confirmation bias)
● Setting org level OKRs for increased representation which can incentivize illegal

None of those examples are better for Google’s bottom line because they increase expenses at the risk of hiring inferior personnel. They are clear evidence of ideological objectives at the company that their leaders prioritize over their fiduciary duty to shareholders. They prove that Google is too far left for their own. Like Damore said, “a company too far to the left will constantly be changing (deprecating much loved services), over diversify its interests (ignoring or being ashamed of its core business), and overly trust its employees and competitors.” It explains why Google has been sabotaging their own search engine by manually manipulating search results to suppress information. The company became “ashamed of its core business” and prioritized that shame over making money.

Google is a Marxist Organization

A truly American capitalist enterprise would not engage in political censorship. An American capitalist enterprise would consider hiring large numbers of employees to manually suppress “offensive” material to be a waste of money. They clearly have other objectives. Objectives that they probably had all along, but could not reveal back when the search engine industry was competitive. Now that Google handles 90% of web searches they don’t have to worry much about a competitor gaining an advantage by truly pursuing Google’s mission. 10-15 years ago they would have had to worry about people sticking with more trustworthy search engines like Yahoo or Microsoft MSN (now known as Bing). It is one thing to say, “sure you can just use Yahoo” and another things to say, “just stick with Yahoo.” The latter of course being what people would have said 2006 had they been informed that Google intended to only serve them with sanitized results serving their own ideology. Now that they control the market they can control what information people can see just like the Soviet Central Television.

Brin’s Present Role at Google

Brin has taken some steps back from Google in recent years. He is still a member of the Board of Directors, but that is mainly an oversight role. He doesn’t have much if anything to do with day to day operations anymore. He was President of the company until 2019 when he and Larry Page stepped down. That is why Brin is only a queen in our deck of cards. If we built the deck a couple years ago he would have been an ace.

Background Check Results

Personal information about Brin is hard to find in public records, but not impossible. That is because Brin is smart. He uses Google headquarters as his mailing address and obviously purchases property through a trust of some sort or a business name like Google Compare Mortgages Inc. He also has plenty of employees to scour public records for his contact information and remove it. Despite that we still found some things.

Where He Lives

In recent years Brin has lived in Los Altos Hills, California and New York City. We had difficulty to locating the address of the Los Altos Hills property at first, but later received a tip that panned out. We also have his New York City address.

Los Altos Hills

Brin’s mansion is located at 27301 Black Mountain Rd, Los Altos Hills, CA 94022. We couldn’t find it at first because Brin went to great lengths to scrub his address from the internet and public records, but if you check the comments below this article you’ll see that someone was nice enough to point out that we should have been able to find the GPS coordinates easily. All we needed to do was lookup the page from Virtual Globetrotting that used to contain a map to his home using the Wayback Machine. That search resulted in an archived copy of the page from 2017 which still contained a map to Brin’s home with the GPS coordinates on the page. Those coordinates are 37.36770214, -122.15875225. When we pasted the coordinates into Google Maps we were served a satellite and street view of Brin’s home.

As you can see the map above clearly matches the images below which were all we had before getting the tip about the web archive. The property has been described as a 4 bedroom 5 bath house with a large swimming pool. Brin bought the land for $7 million and spent over $15 million building the house.

Sergey Brin Los Altos Hills Mansion
Sergey Brin’s Lost Altos Hills Mansion
Sergey Brin's House
Satellite View of Sergey Brin’s House

New York City

According to Gawker, Sergey Brin purchased a penthouse at 744 Greenwich Street in New York City in 2008. We looked up the property on Google Maps and noticed that it appears strikingly similar to the West Village building featured in a Business Insider piece describing Brin’s West Village penthouse.

Contact Information

We have linked Brin to the email address [email protected]. We also found the phone numbers 650-623-4000 and 650-623-1000, but both of those are actually Google headquarters. WhitePages list the number (650) 253-3502 as a landline registered to Brin. That could be promising because it showed up in a Bing search for “Sergey Brin house” under phone records with no matching address, which is the type of accidental leak common for people that don’t realize listing a number somewhere gets it found by a site like WhitePages, but we cannot confirm if it actually is his or not.


Sergey Brin’s never been able to free his thoughts from communist indoctrination. As a result he built a company that appeared at first to support American values like free speech only to turn around and control our access to information like the Soviet state he left behind.


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