Google Sentient AI

Google Employee Suspended for Outing Sentient AI Program?

If what Google engineer Blake Lemoine says is true then he is the best Google employee that we have ever heard of, but for all we know he could just be a disgruntled employee. According to Lemoine, he is now on “paid administrative leave” for violating the company’s confidentiality policy by disclosing his concerns about […]

Google Ad

Promote Google Employees Most Wanted on Your Website

Join the fight against big tech censorship by promoting the Google Employees Most Wanted List from by placing a banner ad on your website. We are offering a a single responsive medium sized rectangle (300×250) graphic design in HTML and javascript formats. Visit our Banners Page for more information.

Bing Ban

Bing Bans with Evasive Explanations

Microsoft has banned from their Bing search engine which means that our domain will not appear on any Bing powered search engine including Yahoo and DuckDuckGo. This came not long after we noticed that our home page ranked number 2 on Bing for the search term “Google employees.” We appealed to Bing and the […]

Pinterest Ban

Pinterest Bans Citing Anti-Criticism Rule

Pinterest has proven that is already making an impact by banning us after pinning just a handful of images featuring Google employees from our site. We received an email from them yesterday saying that our account had been suspended for violating their policy on harassment and criticism. This development is just one example of […]

Google Search Censored

Welcome to Google Employees

Welcome to Google Employees: The Truth where we will expose the truth about those responsible for recent acts of censorship and other un-American activities committed by Google in recent years. Our primary goal is to help Google better make their mission statement a reality by rolling back the clock to a point in time when […]

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