Fiona Cicconi

Fiona Cicconi: Google’s Overseer of the People

Fiona Clare Cicconi holds the title of Chief People Officer at Google which is a more folksy way of saying head of human resources. We’ve scoured the web for information about her, but have so far come up empty on the public records front probably because she’s done all she can to keep disgruntled current and former employees from being able to locate her online. Cicconi isn’t even a face card in our deck so she isn’t a high enough priority for us to waste additional time, money or resources researching, so we are going to post what we do know as is with the hope that it will attract the attention of others who consider her a priority.

As a high ranking human resources professional whose worked at large companies including AstraZeneca, Cisco Systems, and GE we think its only a matter of time until someone she’s screwed over finds this page and volunteers all the information we tried to find in public records. Information such as home address, personal phone numbers, personal email addresses, etc. Cicconi is not a high enough priority for us to hire a private investigator to follow her around, but she probably is for someone. Someone who used to work under her in some way. Someone whose career took a nose dive and knows in their heart that it was her fault. An unemployed overweight balding white male in his late 40s or early 50s that spent most of his career slaving his way up the ranks of middle management and now has nothing to show for it besides Cicconi’s address scribbled on a note tucked away in his wallet behind his NRA membership card. If you’re out there you don’t have to feel powerless anymore. Just use the comments sections of this page to share what you know. We understand how you feel. Your feelings are normal, you are not unhinged, and you can find purpose in your life again.

What We Know

We know that Fiona Clare Cicconi was born in London in 1966. She attended Leeds Metropolitan University before getting her first notable job at GE in 1995. She later worked in human resources at Cisco Systems, Roche, and AstraZeneca before being hired by Google in 2021. We know that she may have used a few specific email addresses and phone numbers along the way including [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], +41 79 909 40 69, +39 392 474 310, +44 7818 523884, +41 61 687 78 19, 97143624888, and 442037495000 (source: RocketReach). She is also active on Twitter.


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