Fiona Cicconi

Fiona Cicconi: Google’s Overseer of the People

Fiona Clare Cicconi holds the title of Chief People Officer at Google which is a more folksy way of saying head of human resources. We’ve scoured the web for information about her, but have so far come up empty on the public records front probably because she’s done all she can to keep disgruntled current […]

David Graff

David Graff: Google’s Mistrust Policy Team Leader

David Allen Graff is the head of Google’s Trust and Safety Policy Team. When Google announces a new policy change cracking down on lawful businesses for lame political reasons he is often the person to make the announcement and promote it in the press. We found this out after Google targeted our industry. Our research […]

Cathy Edwards

Cathy Edwards: Former Head of Google Images and Search Mistrust

Catherine A. Edwards is an engineering vice president at Google who was head of image search and user trust for search as recently as last year. Today she leads Google Apps, Google News, and other efforts. In this article we will discuss her professional career and personal information. Career Edwards made a name for herself […]

Frances Arnold

Frances Arnold: Nobel Prize Winner on Alphabet’s Board

Frances Hamilton Arnold is a member of the Board of Directors at Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc. As a board member she plays a limited yet influential role at the company. In this article we will summarize what we know about her professional career and personal life. Professional Career According to, “Arnold studied mechanical […]

Ruth Porat

Ruth Porat: Google CFO Fails to Stop Wasteful Spending

Ruth Porat is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Google. As CFO she should be well aware of all the money Google is wasting on censorship. We can only image how many people it must take to manually sculpt search results to fit their ideology. In this article we will discuss Porat’s history, what is […]

Kristie Canegallo

Kristie Canegallo: Head of Mistrust and Hypocrisy at Google

Kristie Anna Canegallo is the head of Trust and Safety at Google. If you’ve ever found your content suppressed by Google with an explanation that explanation probably came from Trust and Safety. Trust and Safety is the preferred term used by Google to justify content removal or suppression on their platforms. The name “Trust and […]

Elizabeth Reid

Elizabeth Reid: Overseer of Search Experiences at Google

Elizabeth Hamon Reid is head of search experiences at Google. As such it is her job to make sure that most Google users find what they are looking for. She is failing miserably at that job. Just a few years ago, Google was a great place to find what you are looking for, but now […]

Sergey Brin

Comrade Sergey Brin: Google Co-Founder Indoctrinated by Communists

Comrade Sergey Mikhaylovich Brin is a Russian businessman best known for co-founding Google. We will begin this article by tracking his steps back to the Soviet Union to figure out how communism has influenced his career and the company he built before concluding with the results of a background check. Early Years Brin was born […]

Bing Ban

Bing Bans with Evasive Explanations

Microsoft has banned from their Bing search engine which means that our domain will not appear on any Bing powered search engine including Yahoo and DuckDuckGo. This came not long after we noticed that our home page ranked number 2 on Bing for the search term “Google employees.” We appealed to Bing and the […]

Philipp Schindler

Philipp Schindler: Google VP of Sales and Operations

Philipp Schindler made the most wanted list due to his close proximity to Sundar Pichai. According to Business Insider, Schindler is one of 16 Google executives that report directly to CEO Sundar Pichai. As part of Pichai’s inner circle, he has a lot of influence even though he works in a department that has little […]

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