K Ram Shriram

K. Ram Shriram: Google Board Member Invested in Evil Early

Kavitark Ram Shriram is a board member at Google’s parent company Alphabet. He began his career at Bell Northern Research before becoming Vice President at Netscape in the mid-90s, joined Amazon in 1998, and founded a venture capital firm called Sherpalo in 2000 known for investing in disruptive technologies. One of those disruptive technologies was […]

John Doerr

John Doerr: Google Board Member Backs Baby Killers and Illegals

Louis John Doerr is a member of the Board of Directors at Google’s parent company Alphabet. Like many board members he is a mostly retired 70-something known for having a long successful career in the tech industry, but unlike some his wealth and willingness to wield it politically make him a danger to unborn lives […]

Frances Arnold

Frances Arnold: Nobel Prize Winner on Alphabet’s Board

Frances Hamilton Arnold is a member of the Board of Directors at Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc. As a board member she plays a limited yet influential role at the company. In this article we will summarize what we know about her professional career and personal life. Professional Career According to ChemistryViews.org, “Arnold studied mechanical […]

Sergey Brin

Comrade Sergey Brin: Google Co-Founder Indoctrinated by Communists

Comrade Sergey Mikhaylovich Brin is a Russian businessman best known for co-founding Google. We will begin this article by tracking his steps back to the Soviet Union to figure out how communism has influenced his career and the company he built before concluding with the results of a background check. Early Years Brin was born […]

John Nennessy

John Hennessy Biography: Alphabet Inc. Board Chairman

John Leroy Hennessy serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors for Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc. He was nominated to that position due to a lifetime of achievements in the tech industry. As a Board member he plays a minimal yet important role in company operations. Lifetime Achievements Hennessy is best known for founding […]

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