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Welcome to Google Employees: The Truth where we will expose the truth about those responsible for recent acts of censorship and other un-American activities committed by Google in recent years. Our primary goal is to help Google better make their mission statement a reality by rolling back the clock to a point in time when Google still did everything they could to accomplish their mission.

There was a time when Google did nothing more than “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” That was the case until nearly 10 years ago when Google began abusing their monopoly on search to control what information people have access to. Today search is a mere sanitized version of its former self void of information determined by Google to be too useful.

Google’s effort to silence anyone they consider to be offensive or at least suppress their voices beneath pages of irrelevant content is bad for the public and Google as well. Google wastes large sums of money each year that could be better spent on bonuses for stock holders by hiring employees to remove content they are under no legal obligation to remove.

Google’s efforts have essentially made Bing the best source of information about people. For reasons we will outline in a detailed manifesto we believe that our goals for Google are ultimately in line with the best interests of Google.


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