Jayakumar Sundaramurthy

Who the Hell is Jayakumar Sundaramurthy?

When we compiled our Most Wanted List we came to a point where it became difficult to identify the higher ups in some Google departments. We decided at the outset to focus more on the Search and “Trust and Safety” departments than others which is why eventually our Trust and Safety suit included the likes […]

Reese Pecot

Reese Pecot: Ex-Lawyer Oversees Google Search Quality

Alia Aresa Pecot a.k.a. Reese Pecot is a former attorney now employed by Google as Director and Chief of Staff in the Search Quality department. As such she is an extremely influential person even though as far as we can tell she lacks the technical expertise necessary to improve the quality of search results at […]

Michelle Chang

Michelle Chang: Mistrust Policy Maker at Google

Michelle Lianghui Chang is the name of a high level policy maker in the Trust and Safety department at Google specializing in product policy for Google Search. Today we’re covering her academic and professional history as well as the result of a criminal background check. Education According to her LinkedIn profile, Chang studied Chinese at […]

David Graff

David Graff: Google’s Mistrust Policy Team Leader

David Allen Graff is the head of Google’s Trust and Safety Policy Team. When Google announces a new policy change cracking down on lawful businesses for lame political reasons he is often the person to make the announcement and promote it in the press. We found this out after Google targeted our industry. Our research […]

Kristie Canegallo

Kristie Canegallo: Head of Mistrust and Hypocrisy at Google

Kristie Anna Canegallo is the head of Trust and Safety at Google. If you’ve ever found your content suppressed by Google with an explanation that explanation probably came from Trust and Safety. Trust and Safety is the preferred term used by Google to justify content removal or suppression on their platforms. The name “Trust and […]

Kent Walker

John Kent Walker: Google’s Chief Legal Officer

John Kent Walker Jr. is Google’s Chief Legal Officer and a Senior Vice President in the Global Affairs. He is one of 15 executives who report directly to Google CEO Sundar Pichai. His position places him above the department of Trust and Safety when it comes to making censorship decisions. In this article we will […]

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