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Promote the Most Wanted List on your website by running one of our banners. We only have one image size right now (medium rectangle 300×250), but our code is responsive so it should fit whatever space you put it in. Works great on blog sidebars and footers. We offer standard HTML and javascript code for you to copy and paste into your page.


HTML code is the simplest way to add Google Employees to your website. It simply hotlinks the image and links to the Most Wanted List. We’ve made sure to include a rel=”nofollow” tag so that Google won’t penalize your for linking to us.

<a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_top"><img src="" style="width:100%;height:auto;"></a>


If you don’t want to place a direct link to us on your site for whatever reason use our javascript banner ad. This ad uses jQuery to load the ad after the rest of the page is already loaded so that the link does not appear in the source code of your page. It also included a nofollow link. Only downside is that jQuery is required so if your site doesn’t use jQuery it will not work.

<div id="googad"></div>
<script type="text/javascript" async src=""></script>

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  • Cheater Diaries

    Thanks for whipping up these banners on such short notice. For people reading this I requested a banner from this site after Google suppressed my site from ranking for search terms including names of individuals. Unlike my friend here I never charged removal fees, so I thought I might have a good shot at using an ad based business model promoting background checks and other things using content that was suppressed elsewhere on the internet. It worked great for about 5 months until all of a sudden Google suppressed it from ranking for names of individuals. I can’t say I wasn’t warned that might happen because I was, but I was hoping Google wouldn’t engage in practices that lull webmasters acting in good faith onto their shit list with no warning from them whatsoever. If they are going to suppress content about cheating in relationships regardless of a site’s removal policy they should just say so. They said so with the mugshot industry, so why not say so about others. It would save webmasters a lot of time.

    Now I’m not exactly sure what I will do with my site which is still doing well for video game searches. I might just turn it into a site about video game cheating. I’m going to change the permalink structure first so I get get a better idea how content in the academics and sports sections are doing, but when I figure that out I might just drop the relationships section all together. Sure it got the most traffic and people started linking to it, but I got complaints almost every day. I thought it might be a good fit for ads promoting background check services, but without that traffic I might as well be promoting toilet papers, so in place of those ads I will be running an ad for Google Employees. If they don’t like it they can stop censoring my site and I’ll stop running the ad.

  • GoogleEmployees

    NP – We appreciate the support. Free speech needs all the friends it can find these days. Sounds like they didn’t hit you as hard as one might expect working with that type of content. I know of some other cases where they just nuked entire sites for everything except for their brand names and that was only if their brands were established or at least mentioned in the press in the past.

    Honestly bro, and I’ve told you this privately you’d probably be better off dropping that entire category, restructuring your site around video games, and then posting about it on the Google forums which despite their claims are full of employees.

  • Cheater Diaries

    I’m not sure if running your ads is the reason for this or not, but my site was just removed from Bing search entirely. Well, not entirely but all non-image searches. Its either that or the crappy content about cheating in relationships that got it penalized by Google. Due to this recent development I won’t be hosting relationship cheater profiles on the site anymore. I’ll be deleting the category today and replacing it with a category about cheating in business.

  • GoogleEmployees

    Cheater Diaries – There is a good chance that the penalty was the banner and not the content. Google has worked really hard to bury mentions of this site. Their most surprising source of support has been Bing. Bing not only removed this entire site from their search results, but they also have removed just about anything with a live link to it. If you do a Bing search for “” you will see what I mean. Google has gotten most of our promotional accounts with other platforms suspended. The ones they haven’t gotten shut down have all been removed from Bing search results.

    We hoped that by providing you with javascript code run out of a robots.txt blocked directory that doesn’t load the link to this site until after the DOM loads that Bing wouldn’t notice you promoting us, but that doesn’t mean whoever at Bing whose been working with Google can’t look at the site themselves and penalize it for promoting our site which they claim violates their quality guidelines. It actually doesn’t violate their quality guidelines at all, but they just say that to avoid telling us the real reason which is that they are cooperating with Google when they should be competing with them.

    You did mention another possible cause in your first comment however. It was that you had changed your permalink structure to get a better idea of which categories get traffic. That likely flooded Bing with a bunch of duplicate content that could very well have triggered a red flag in their system.

    The last possibility is that they may have just gotten tired of getting so many complaints about content on your site that they took it down, but that is not likely. If you search Bing for similar content you’ll see it dominating Bing results. That leads me to believe that you did something else like the banner or the permalink change to cause the problem.

    We think you are doing the right thing though since before you mentioned still having traction on Google for video game cheat codes. Restructure your site around that topic. Then submit a reconsideration request to Bing with the changes you’ve made. After that if they still don’t let you back in stop running our ad and see what happens.

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