We have several disclaimers to help you better understand who we are and the content on our site.

Non-Affiliation Disclaimer

GoogleEmployees.com is not affiliated with Alphabet Inc. or any of its subsidiaries and brands including Google.

Logo Disclaimer

Our logo is not intended to imply a physical threat of any sort. It simply symbolizes the fact that we are targeting Google Inc. with true facts. If it were intended as a violent threat the crosshair would be superimposed over photos of actual people. We also do not have a history of showing up at anyone’s homes and we don’t plan on changing that. Please do not use this information for any reason other than cordially voicing your concerns about Google’s practices to company employees on a personal level. To clarify that last part, we do not support things like going to their homes and damaging property or threatening them physically, but we would support things like peaceful picketing and constructive criticism.

Legal Disclaimer – User Generated Content (UGC)
UGC – Definition

Material published using GoogleEmployees.com and comments made in response to such material in which the user name of the publisher is not GoogleEmployees are created by end users on this platform. This user generated content (UGC) is the sole creation of the user who created it. In order to use GoogleEmployees.com’s publishing service users must agree to the Terms of Use (TOU). The TOU is a contract between the end user and GoogleEmployees.com in which the end user agrees to assume full legal responsibility for content published by them through the service.

UCG – Pitfalls

It is possible for UGC to be inaccurate or otherwise objectionable for reasons including, but not necessarily limited to a fabrication by the publisher, inaccurate sources used by the publisher, or a change in real world factors that have rendered the publication out of date. Since false and misleading statements are possible GoogleEmployees.com does not assert that any information published by end users is accurate in any way other than being an accurate representation of data as it exists in a database. This means that every report is a 100% true and genuine representation of a combination of strings consisting of alphanumeric and non-alphanumeric characters as they exists in at any given time in columns grouped by row numbers. This does not mean that the characters are arranged in a manner that represents any true facts, only that the user arranged them in the way that they appear.

Legal Disclaimer – Content Created by GoogleEmployees.com

GoogleEmployees.com is responsible for all static content on this website. Static content is content not derived from our database. Pages consisting solely of static content include the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Legal Disclaimers (this page), Contact Us, Sign Up Form, Members Only Dashboard, and Password Recovery pages. Other pages including the Home Page and individual Member Profiles as well as the GoogleEmployees.com and comments posted there contain a combination of static and dynamic content. Dynamic content is content derived from a database that consists of a combination of user generated content (UGC) and content produced or automatically aggregated by GoogleEmployees.com. Content produced by GoogleEmployees.com is either pure opinion, based on published sources, or opinion based on published sources. GoogleEmployees.com does not assert that information gathered from any published source is in fact true or that opinions based on published sources accurately reflect any true facts.

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